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Today was another great day for Financial Chemotherapy LLC! I went to Philly, PA to talk to an investor that has been watching me for a couple of months. He was very impress by my videos and my new videos that talk about Business Funding through Shelf Corp and CPN/SCN #!

I was happy to go from Newark NJ down to Philly with my Business Funding, FOREX, SBA BOND partner who educated the investors on the products and services and how his clients and friends can benefit financially.

You see, I get the craziest callers on sometimes I get smart individuals that see the VALUE of what I'm doing and they appreciate me! Philly has a great market right now for RE Investors to get involved with properties....if you are interested in that market, let me know...I've build relationships with people down there who have properties!

Also, I'm getting results from my Credit Repair and Credit Enhancement services and people are catching on to what Financial Chemotherapy LLC has to offer!

Let me know how I can be of service to you!!

Make sure you call Gizzy if you have any questions at (973) 440-8661

Financial Chemotherapy LLC

-Debt Settlement: Reduce Unsecured Debt 25-50%
-Credit Card Counseling: Reduce Interest Rates on Credit Cards to 2-9%
-Credit Restoration: Remove negative and out dated information from Credit Report
-CPN numbers: New Credit Profile and a 725+ Credit Score
-Trade Lines: Increase your Credit Score 25 to 75 Points on Average
-Loan Mods: Attorney Based Loan Modification Services
-Short Sales: We Buy Houses! Avoid Foreclosure NOW!
-Investment Properties: We Sell Houses 2 - 4 Family with Equity (See Attached)
-Sell Property Equity Holding Trust: Creative way to acquire property w/out Credit Check
-Notary Public: Notarizing document all over NJ
-Next Age Realty: Grow your Real Estate Empire Internationally!
-Merchant Business Credit Account: Reduce Rates & Fees $500 Challenge!
-FOREX INVESTING-make your money work for you!
-SBA Bond. 20% annually on face value. Great long term steady investment. Nothing else on the market like it.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an Attorney, CPA, Realtor, Loan Officer.

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Comment by Curtis Schaaf on October 13, 2010 at 10:03pm
Hey G, Remember me from Investor Academy training in Sept 09 ? How are you doing? I just joined Tri State Mixer today and checked your videos on credit repair and trade lines! Always
seeing you on F/B and curious about improving credit score. I'll be at aLoft Thursday eve
to see Nick Tang five minutes from home for me! Just thought I'd say Hi! Hope you're prospering. Sincerely, Curt Schaaf
Comment by Guillermo A. Cervano (GIZZY) on October 14, 2010 at 7:56am
Whats Good Curtis...yeah, man I'm all over the internet have to be nowadays..everything has transformed for me specially offering different services/products that can increase your credit score..Nick also invites me but I'm very busy nowadays with what I do and I have a lot on my plate, but I love networking and meeting people! know when you start out, you are your own Marketing Director, CPA, Secretary etc...but, I love it!...See you around dude!...let me know if you have any questions...I'm always available!...thanks!


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