What does a Cat have in common with Real Estate?

I wanted to write a quick blog entry to all the newbies out there who are just getting started as a Real Estate Investor. I am not claiming to be an expert. Educating yourself as a Real Estate Investor is on-going and you can always learn something from somebody. I started out taking online courses and reading a lot of books, then joined a couple REI groups. If you have any doubts about how effective or rich you can become, please just absorb the following.

Always think CAT... Well, not really "CAT", but "CAAT" (It's easy to remember and nothing against dogs!)

  • Cash Flow (the money you pocket each month after paying your bills!)
  • Amortization (your tenants pay down your loan!)
  • Appreciation (your property goes UP in value over time!)
  • Tax Write off's (taxes, repairs, mortgage interest, don't forget about depreciation is 27.5 years for residential property!).

These four items above are very powerful. Where else can you buy something that goes up in value, somebody else pays your loan, you may pocket money each month, and you get tax write off's?

More helpful tips on the way soon....


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Comment by Peter McElkenny on August 13, 2013 at 4:11pm

Jason, Great Blog, These type of comments makes me realize why I wanted to invest in real estate!!

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