Commercial Broker: seeking investors searching for serious opportunities to own very profitable off-market commercial income producing assets. These assets consist of Multi-Family, REO packages of Residential properties in all 50 states, shopping malls, and individual chain stores. The price range of these assets start at $250,000 to $50 Million.

I am a marketing rep for the FDIC, I have been selling these assets to large companies and private equity companies for years. These entities are already rich and greedy, now I would like to offer these opportunities to the smaller investors; offer you and opportunity to get rich and help other people as well. If you have some interest you may reply to my email address [] we will discuss your interest as well as share with you the purchase protocol and inform you of all of the financing options if needed. 

Folks on FB and the other sites are looking for friends to chat with, I am offering this opportunity to folks on this site because I am hoping that a few of you may be serious enough to reply to my offer. I assure you, this is not a game. Next year will be a difficult year for small investors as the fat cats will truly be in control of the real estate market. Prices for substandard properties all over the country are going to shoot to the roof, bank rates will rise and inventory will be scarce. America has added 14 million new residence to this country in the past 2 years. 

So, you guys fighting to stay in the middle class better pull together, pool your funds, work with each other to purchase larger income investments while the opportunity is here, because, if the current administration passes this tax bill, that we all should be in the streets fighting against, the fat cats have won and and opportunities for the middle class investors will become few and far between.

If interested, reply to my email address" [] we will discuss your interest as well as financing if needed.


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