Many of us are guilty of it. We all know how it goes…we’ve been hearing all about the volatility in the market and once a month that retirement statement arrives with a seemingly endless amount of pages.

How many of us do the quick once over and the file it away?

How many of us would rather not look at all knowing full well that our day might be ruined in an instant!

I like to call this traditional way of retirement saving the “Park and Pray” plan. You did what your advisor told you to do. You started saving early. You’ve invested and reinvested all with the hope that the market will continue to appreciate. Finally, when the time comes to retire we hope and pray that the market is high! We know all too well what happened just a few years ago. If you were planning to retire then

Does any of this sound familiar?

What if there was an alternative…Away for you to really control your savings. An investment strategy that will not only appreciate over time but also provide you with actual spendable dollars to supplement your retirement income?

This is just what multifamily real estate has to offer. And I say multifamily real estate specifically because there are of course many different strategies one can choose to invest in. Almost all require the investor to be very hands on; managing the property yourself…fixing plumbing issues, fielding tenant calls…you name it.
When you invest in apartments you manage your property manager. You are the asset manager, not the landlord.

Multifamily Investing allows you to achieve all of the benefits of investing in Real Estate; monthly cash flow, appreciation, tax benefits…but without the sweat equity and time cost of traditional Real Estate Investing.

One deal a year…done the right way. That’s all it takes to create a retirement portfolio that’s based on sound, performing properties as opposed to the whims of Wall Street. Please understand that I’m not anti Wall Street by any means. I am a firm believer that any portfolio needs to be diversified and multifamily real estate is a strong way to do that.

The market for apartments is stronger than it’s ever been before and the demand for rental units far outweighs the available product. Tight credit markets, student housing, baby boomer housing, and immigration… everyone needs a place to live. That’s what you will provide while building a portfolio of cash-flowing assets for your future.