How to Organize Your Bathroom Linen Closet

Plunge In

If your closet is completely messed up and guests are coming to see you, then it’s time to reorganize your linen closet. It seems very dirty if you have not organized everything in your closet. The first thing you should do is to separate all worn out and mismatched linens that have filled all the shelves in towering heaps.  All these are so jammed up altogether that when you pull one towel from the closet or try to reach for that light purple twin sheet, everything just comes out tumbling down. So in this situation, it’s better if you organize everything in a proper way.

Sort and Organize

The first thing which you should do is to sort out all towels and linen sheets for determining the one that worth keeping and separate the one which can give to charity. You should only keep two to three sheets per bed, along with some bath sheets, or towels, washcloths per person and hand towels, just through the extra things which you have filled in your closet.  By doing so you can keep one set in use, one in the basket and the remaining one set will be kept in the closet ready for action. Other than this you will only need one or two sets of guests. You can buy a new set of bed sheets or towels any time you want.

Make a Plan

Next step you should take is to plan how you could organize your things in your closet in a way that it looks good and organized. 

First of all, you should divide all linens into different groups: divide bedding and towels for every bedroom separately, and then separate all the dinner, tablecloths, face cloths, cocktail napkins, and runners. Then you should separate all the summer items from winter items, and separate the linens which you will use daily from those that are kept for special occasions. You can place all these things in order by grouping them in three ways: group them my bedroom, by size, by type or by the bathroom.

Map the Closet

You should think compact if there is less storage space. You should prefer to buy duvet covers that could be easily folded and kept in the closet, by taking less space. Avoid buying fancy or decorative comforters, as they use to take lots of space when it was kept in the closet and you can’t even fold them. If there is proper space in the closet, you can easily devote half of your shelf to table linens, and you can easily use a pullout tray for placing table mats or tablecloths by just folding them in the tissue so that you could avoid wrinkles and place it in pretty boxes by adding labels on it.

Label Everything

The last thing which you should do is to add labels to everything that you kept in drawers or closet. So, it will become easier for everyone to find the right thing at the right time, without tangling everything.  For this you should use adhesive labels or a tape, just by writing on a piece of paper and pasting it to the shelf front, you could make it easy for everyone.

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