Policies and Regulations

Policies and Regulations for members using the TriState Mixer (TSM) website that will be used to govern the actions and conduct of all members and their postings. This will include the type of content, language, solicitations, links, offers and requests.

We urge you to familiarize yourselves with these policies and regulations in order to keep the TSM site operating within the guidelines that were intended. The TSM site is monitored 24x7. Any violations of the policies and regulations may cause a member to have their posting privileges suspended and possible removal from the TSM website.

1. You must register and become a member (free) on the TSM site with complete profile properly filled out (full first and last name), contact information, current photo (no words including, logos, company name, advertisement, direct/indirect wording of area of specialties or URL) and all fields correctly filled out as per policies or your account will be deleted without further dialogue.

2. Suspended members can only be reinstated with the approval of the TSM review committee. A repeat offenders account will be deleted and all associated friends/content will be permanently removed.
3. Members may post requests for a specific real estate opportunity that they have under their control only. A member at minimum must state that they have a specific house they would like to buy/sell with unit, bedroom, bath count along with address (because those are the basic questions needed to run comps on the property)/need funding for (with address) in a specific town. Posts and post titles that are too general/all bold/IN ALL CAPS/not specific (contain "cash only/cash buyer(s) needed)" or that do not comply with the specified topic area will be moved or deleted. The required details must be included in the subject and body of the post or it will be deleted.

3a. Members may NOT post general requests like looking for buyers, my buyers are looking to buy in these (single/multiple) towns/counties/states, general JV/partners, looking for bird-dogs or to be one, I buy houses or anything along similar lines or it will be deleted. Do this at our live networking events. If these posts are detected, all posts will be removed due to "anti-list building buyers/sellers" policy.

3b. Members may NOT post to inform/list/advertise/promote direct or indirectly other events (showings/auctions/etc.), services, websites/weblinks, companies, MLM’s, or other non-vendor members services nor links (including partial website names) to any of those mentioned or referencing to one's profile for website/links (ex. Twitter/Facebook name/links). Approved vendors pay for the right to advertise/post links.

3c. Members may NOT use the Member List NOR their Friends List for Email Blasts promoting anything other than Real Estate Opportunities (ie products, mlm, classes, networking events, mentorships). This is a violation of our basic networking premise and will result in immediate and permanent termination and removal from the TSM site and events, with no exceptions.

4. Members may post requests regarding a specific need such as; I need an Electrician, Plumber, Title Company, Insurance Agency, Home inspector, Landscaper, etc.  Another example is, I need a lender to purchase or renovate a specific project/town with the amount needed.

4a. Member may NOT post links to these type services. You may however refer a service privately to the post. Links for these services are reserved for our paid Vendor Members Only.

5. Business opportunities may only be posted in the forum under the Business Investment Opportunities Category. These posts will be treated as Vendor Members. Do not post non real estate opportunities in the Real Estate Discussion Forums Category. Each public forum clearly indicates the TOPIC for that forum. Posts and post titles that are too general/not specific or that do not comply with the specified topic area will be moved or deleted.

6. Postings Not Permitted: General postings like We Buy Houses Cash Call Us, Money for Your Real Estate Deals, Cash Buyers Needed, We Have Houses 50% LTV, We Have Tapes or FDIC Lists, My buyer/investors looking for and etc. These are for Vendor Members Only who have paid to advertise directly/indirectly.
7. NO Abusive, Obscene, Vulgar, Explicit, Threatening, False, Defamatory, Slanderous, or Foul Language will be tolerated and will result in an immediate and permanent termination and removal from the TSM site and events, with no exceptions.

8. TSM does not edit or delete postings on the basis of content, even if we disagree with the poster's opinion. TSM reserves the right, but undertakes no duty, to review, edit or delete any material posted in the public forums.

9. TSM may review and modify the rules and regulations in order to bring our members the best possible networking site for their enjoyment, education, and business. Please help us by adhering to the regulations so we may all enjoy and benefit from the site.

10. If you spam members or any section of the website (including "latest activity" section, your account will be suspended and/or removed! (Remember, each public post e-mail alerts about 5 TriState Mixer staff members 24x7).  It's common sense/courtesy not to post your messages including those with some variations repeatedly! If you're spamming your message across TriState e-mail (for example farming new members) and the staff is notified by members of TriState Mixer which you have spammed, your account will be suspended/terminated. All posts will be removed as well.

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