VITA BAKCHOS COMPANY is now offering all type of loans to interested persons from any country for any purpose with any credit rate. Have you been turned down by Banks or other lenders because of your credit rate, Bankruptcy or for other purpose? Vita Bakchos company is here to grant you the finance you need. We also invest on properties/projects. We offer personal loans, Bankruptcy loans, real estate loans, fix/flip, construction loans, mortgage loans, purchase funds, Agricultural loans, debt free loans, e.t.c to interested persons. We also help Brokers fund their clients seeking loan and we pay Broker / representative service fee.Contact us through this email if you need a loan or investor.

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Hello Vita-If this is a serious offer then I am seeking a loan. My goal is to buy Homes at wholesale and then flip them

to an investor for profit. I do like the Auction method but funding is needed to participate. 

I am requesting $35,000.00. This amount will allow me to get started with an LLC and then grow from there.

I am not able to pay any fees upfront as that is illegal in the USA. However once funded I can repay on your terms

and rate of interest with no prepayment penalty.

Thank you for your attention and consideration.

Salvatore DeFrank


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